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Informatsy.com, published by Records & Information Management East Africa Limited, is read by thousands of Records and Information Management experts and students in a month. Our daily updates keep you in the know about records management experiences, technologies and practices, and the latest on records and information management.

Founded by Simon Gichuki in 2019, Informatsy.com has drawn together the continent’s largest community of senior records and information managers.

Our Mission
To enlighten, enthuse and connect our people.

Our Works Covers:
Records Management, Enterprise Content Management (ECM)/Electronic Records Management (ERM), Business Process Management (BPM), Knowledge Management (KM), Web Content Management (WCM), Web Applications, Information security, ERP Solutions, Governance and best practices

Our audience comprises a diverse group of across the RIM divide We speak to a range of software buyers, seasoned practitioners, vendors and analysts with a focus on digital customer experience, the modern digital workplace, and the latest big data and information management practices. 

Our sector’s marketplace remains a dynamic and broad field of great innovation, and one of interest to many disciplines. We at Informatsy do our best to keep you informed of the latest twists, turns and trends this industry presents.

Simon ‘Don’ Gichuki
Don is the founder of Records and Information Management East Africa Limited/ Informatsy. He is also the founder of African Center for Records and Information Management, Summit Recoveries, Afri Board Rank, Cue Sports House and LeatherPoa.com. He splits his time between Nairobi, Kwanjiku, Isebania (yeah right- you expected to see great cities of the world)

Drop him a note if you’d like to share ideas or if you’d like to contribute in some way to Informatsy.

Editorial Team
Our editorial team consists of core staff (Editor and Content Director) complemented by a strong community of contributors, each specialized in one or more of our core topics. We welcome new writers on a regular basis.

Informatsy Reader Advisory Board
The Informatsy Reader Advisory Board is comprised of industry leaders and practitioners in the fields of records and information management. Created in February 2020, the board provides input, advice and feedback to the Informatsy editorial staff.

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Do you have something to say? Have you got a white paper to share? We do not allow open content submissions; however we are open to discussing and possibly publishing relevant third-party content.

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Editorial Calendar
Please note that we will have dual editorial focuses throughout the year. We reserve the right to be a bit flexible with our themes. With that said, the following is a good guide for where we are headed in the coming months.

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