Letter to The Hon CJ on eFiling Project

A month into the online filing and the LSK president has joined the calls for the Judiciary to re-look and sort the mess that is the e-filing at the Kenya Judiciary.

While most agree this is the best solution, its worth noting that critical automations/digitization’s of services suffer from hurried implementation, lack of awareness and non-coordinated conceptualization of the project- not to imply the same lacks in the efiling, but if any of the above is in deficiency, then we are in for a very very rough and costly ride.

As the Lawyers and Kenyans of goodwill push for it to work well to realize its full potential, poor implementation, bug checking, system audits, the threat of sabotage, lack of goodwill is its weakest and most fatal link.

The biggest problem in implementation of systems that aim to digitize manual processes is non-involvement of the key stakeholders. A project of such magnitude as efiling should majorly be driven by the registry officers (records management staff) as that information being filed was previously their work and are likely to be critical in future re-engineering to make it perfect. Records Managers are there to aide in service delivery. Automation of their manual work does not in any way do away with the importance of the same people

We all know the huge problem that is filing of courts cases. If we do not address the problems at the onset, we are most likely going to be at the same place the Ministry for Lands is (great system, poor implementation and near zero awareness).

On the part of implementation, technology abhors assumption. It thrives in a defined lane in a process. It produces perfect results when there is a link between a manual process that was and a current automated process.

Failure in automation is never a wish for any ICT boss or the CEO (in this case the Chief Justice), and with prudent re-engineering along the way and input from information management professionals in the country, the system will be perfect.

As the efiling progresses on well, the need to follow up on the previous MOU that would have reduced the cases backlog via spot fines should be the next phase

We wish you all the best

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